Wednesday, 30 September 2015

[Invisible Cities] - Colour Schemes (repost)

And before I forget I ever made them, last year I made these little thumbnails on different potential colour schemes I could use for my city.

Obviously, since they were intended for the city I made last year, I probably won't use any of them for this project. And it also depends on the city, since they just won't work for some cities. I may make a bunch more of these when I've decided on which city I'm doing to draw for the final product. But still, I just wanted to post them here, both for future reference, and maybe to hear some fresh thoughts on them.

[Photoshop] - Perspective exercises

Just practice on basic perspective from three points of view. The third one looks a bit awkward and non three-dimensional without any details though.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

[Personal Work] - Tahu 3D Model

Just thought I'd show off one of the things I worked on during my time away from Uni. This is Toa Tahu, a lead character from Bionicle- one of my favorite toy lines when I was a kid. As my nephews like to remind me, Lego revived the series this year, so a few months ago I started working on this model, to challenge myself in Maya.

I tried to get the model to look as faithful to the original set as possible, but it is also stylized in various places, to make it look a tad more realistic, and easy to pose (in the event that I decide to rig it).

This is what the original figure looks like, for comparison:

And here is a collection of WiP pics:

Critique welcome.

Next up on my blog: Reviews of the films we saw yesterday. They're taking me longer to type up than I'd anticipated. I'm working on them.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

[Photoshop] - Still life fruit sketches

Yesterday, our first task of the Digital Painting class was to draw two quick sketches of some fruit, based on a choice of three pre-selected photos supplied by Jordan. One drawing was to be in colour, one not. Here is what I did:

Personally, I don't think the black+white one is all that bad, but I'm not too keen on my results on the colouresd one. What do you think?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

[Introduction] - Heya everybody!

Yeah, hi people!
All of the second-years (and some of the third-years) already know me, but for the rest of you; let me introduce myself. I'm Tyler. Some people just call me Ty. Some people call me "that funny-looking bloke over there". But you can call me whatever you'd like. How are you all today?

So about me. I'm 19, although that big two-decade mark isn't that far away. I'm into all things animated (surprise surprise), music of pretty much any genre, literature (mostly philosophy as of the past few months, but I also read normal fiction, and crappy high-fantasy novels.), and above all else; I'm really into cinema. I try to watch at least three movies that I've never seen before every week (one at my local cinema), and directing my own film one day is a definite thing on my bucket list.
Outside of that, one hobby that's kind of been dominating most of my free time the past year has been Speedcubing. My current personal best for solving a Rubiks cube is 27.96 seconds. Yeah.

That's all I really have to say. Looking forward to meeting you guys on Monday!

(By the way, what do you think of my snazzy new blog?)

Here's a pic of me in my natural habitat: