Wednesday, 23 September 2015

[Personal Work] - Tahu 3D Model

Just thought I'd show off one of the things I worked on during my time away from Uni. This is Toa Tahu, a lead character from Bionicle- one of my favorite toy lines when I was a kid. As my nephews like to remind me, Lego revived the series this year, so a few months ago I started working on this model, to challenge myself in Maya.

I tried to get the model to look as faithful to the original set as possible, but it is also stylized in various places, to make it look a tad more realistic, and easy to pose (in the event that I decide to rig it).

This is what the original figure looks like, for comparison:

And here is a collection of WiP pics:

Critique welcome.

Next up on my blog: Reviews of the films we saw yesterday. They're taking me longer to type up than I'd anticipated. I'm working on them.