Tuesday, 8 September 2015

[Introduction] - Heya everybody!

Yeah, hi people!
All of the second-years (and some of the third-years) already know me, but for the rest of you; let me introduce myself. I'm Tyler. Some people just call me Ty. Some people call me "that funny-looking bloke over there". But you can call me whatever you'd like. How are you all today?

So about me. I'm 19, although that big two-decade mark isn't that far away. I'm into all things animated (surprise surprise), music of pretty much any genre, literature (mostly philosophy as of the past few months, but I also read normal fiction, and crappy high-fantasy novels.), and above all else; I'm really into cinema. I try to watch at least three movies that I've never seen before every week (one at my local cinema), and directing my own film one day is a definite thing on my bucket list.
Outside of that, one hobby that's kind of been dominating most of my free time the past year has been Speedcubing. My current personal best for solving a Rubiks cube is 27.96 seconds. Yeah.

That's all I really have to say. Looking forward to meeting you guys on Monday!

(By the way, what do you think of my snazzy new blog?)

Here's a pic of me in my natural habitat:


  1. Hey Ty :) Nicely done. I do have a teeny, tiny nitpick however; you need to change the course title to 'Computer Animation Arts'... I know, boring, but true!

  2. Hello Tyler. It's good to meet you. My name is Mark Stamp and I am to be your mentor for this year.

    I'm in the second year, you haven't seen me but you will see me around come Monday or Tuesday and I'll be looking at your blog, providing feedback or advice.

    Nice to see you've hit the ground running with the blog's look. It's clean, tone is nice and clear and I see you are already getting to grips with branding with that logo. Nice. One thing I have experienced here is that not only will time fly by but much of it will be spent on your projects, so getting this stuff out the way is good. Very good.

    That being said, while I get the humour of the additions to the banner (and I do enjoy it do't get me wrong), I wonder if it might be a tad unprofessional. You'll very quickly learn Phil's mantra of "be amazing", it's certainly a good motivator but when it comes to presentation you've got to sell yourself (and you're on the right track) and self-depreciation (even if for humour) might not sell well at a pitch.

    I actually look forward to meeting you because I'd love to meet the quirky guy you're showing yourself as and I hope things have been going well so far.

    1. Hey Mark, we've already met, remember? I was in the first year last year, but had to drop out because of sickness. Now I'm restarting first year.

    2. I did wonder if your name sounded familiar. Sorry about that. Does explain though why you said all the second-years knew you. Things certainly went fast last year so we all had to remember names along with working hard, and I didn't come out of my shell until term 2 and 3 and I think you were gone by then.

      Good to hear you're coming back though. And the sickness thing is fine; I've had it happen to me.